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6 Queue Management Technologies You Must Consider

Discover 6 technologies to help your business and improve your queues.


The Queuing Technology Solutions Buyer's Guide

Optimize the performance of your queue with the right technologies for your business.


Virtual Queuing Across Industries

This primer will help you see some of the many ways virtual queuing can improve ...


Intelligent Queue Management

Learn everything you need to know about queue management technology and best practices for achieving ...


Don't Hate the Wait

Discover how virtual queuing can transform the customer journey and reshape the way we wait ...

Case Study

DFW Takes the Passenger Experience to New Heights

Read this case study to discover how Lavi's solutions are working to help DFW create ...


The Passenger Experience

This E-Book provide tips, information, and best practices to help you more easily manage crowds, ...


Transportation Safety and Security Solutions

Use this buyer's guide to discover the safety and security products that are right for ...


Turning Your Queue into a Profit Center

Learn about the products you sell and about the impact your waiting line has on ...

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Tuesday October 18, 2016

Luxury Retailers Take Note: Consumers Want You to Know They’re Coming

Most purchases can now be made online – whenever and wherever. With this on-demand mindset, the in-store experience is transforming too, with a demand for much higher expectations than ever before. For a customer to take their time to physically come into an establishment, they are expecting more than just the opportunity to buy. Customers…

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Thursday October 13, 2016

How the Convergence of Digital and Physical Retail Impacts Your Queuing Strategy

  Today’s standard is on-demand products and services – whenever and wherever.  We rely heavily on the convenience and efficiency of our digital solutions, including online shopping and mobile communications. As consumers we also continue to expect excellence and a highly personalized experience. There is and has been a convergence happening between two worlds –…

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Tuesday October 04, 2016

8 Timely Tips for Managing Heavy Foot Traffic

When heavy foot traffic is on your list of concerns, you need strategies you can count on to keep customers flowing through your venue, lines manageable in length, and safety high. Crowd control is the name of the game and we’ve got some proven tips to help you: 1.    Keep entrances and exits clear. Smooth…

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