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6 Queue Management Technologies You Must Consider

Discover 6 technologies to help your business and improve your queues.


The Queuing Technology Solutions Buyer's Guide

Optimize the performance of your queue with the right technologies for your business.


Virtual Queuing Across Industries

This primer will help you see some of the many ways virtual queuing can improve ...


Intelligent Queue Management

Learn everything you need to know about queue management technology and best practices for achieving ...


Don't Hate the Wait

Discover how virtual queuing can transform the customer journey and reshape the way we wait ...

Case Study

DFW Takes the Passenger Experience to New Heights

Read this case study to discover how Lavi's solutions are working to help DFW create ...


The Passenger Experience

This E-Book provide tips, information, and best practices to help you more easily manage crowds, ...


Transportation Safety and Security Solutions

Use this buyer's guide to discover the safety and security products that are right for ...


Turning Your Queue into a Profit Center

Learn about the products you sell and about the impact your waiting line has on ...

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Monday August 22, 2016

4 Business Goals Met Through Today’s Queuing Solutions

Achieving your biggest business goals might not happen the way you anticipated. The road to success often comes by thinking outside the box. Are you relating your business goals to your queuing strategy? Perhaps the queue is exactly where you have the opportunity to meet your goals, and do an even better job of satisfying…

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Thursday August 18, 2016

3 Use Cases for Footfall Analytics

Did you know, with today’s queuing technology you can use real time data to optimize staffing, maximize safety and compliance, and keep wait times and service rates right on target? The tools now exist to support these kinds of business goals in addition to improving customer satisfaction. With footfall analytics in particular, you can monitor…

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Monday August 08, 2016

How to Choose the Right Technologies for Your Waiting Lines

If your business is doing well, you are likely already using your waiting lines to help cultivate a positive customer experience. You know the importance of eliminating inefficiencies and lowering real and perceived wait times. And you are probably taking steps to maximize customer enjoyment throughout your store, including while in the queue. But do…

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